The End Of Deception.

The Rebirth Of Humanity.


The Return of Christ


Here we will learn the real story of humanity that has been hidden for several hundred years. You will learn how you have been deceived about your reality, how the deception works, what it means, and what you can do about it.

This material is made possible by a new, mind-based technology called Q Metaphysics that can be used to access the hidden reality on which the physical world is based. We hope this will be an important, censor-free tool in humanity's near future as we break free from the chains of deception.

Just about everything you know about the world isn't true! We'll show you how and why.

Please note: It is expected that you might find the following extremely difficult to digest. The 'bitter truths' presented here may even make you feel a bit sick to your stomach. It is recommended that you take in this information a little bit at a time. Our real history is a long and convoluted story that has had many facets. Such is the depth of the inverted reality we find ourselves.

The War of Civilizations

The photo above is from 1850 and shows the construction of the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C. The White House is behind the monument.

What may not be obvious at first glance is that the Washington Monument is built on top of a step pyramid (deeper than the top shown) that had special significance to the native population. [See where they had to blast a hole in the bluestone to further reinforce the foundation with cement.] The settlers were not just building a monument. They were making a statement of dominance over the native population with whom they made an agreement to govern the country co-operatively. Instead, on April 30, 1789, George Washington used hidden clauses in the Articles of Confederation to dissolve the mutually agreed-upon Constitution of the United States of America to perform a military coup eliminating the Constitutional civilian government and placing control over the US under the Virginia Company of London.

Previously, there were two national governments in the Americas. 'American Tartary', with a capital in what is now known as Washington, D.C., and the United States, with a capital in Philadelphia. When the first US President moved into the White House in 1800, he was taking over a complex that had been built and used by the people of the Quadriga (also called 'Tartarians') for hundreds of years. 

Tartary, the civilization that we erased from history, occupied New YorkChicagoSt. LouisWashington D.C, and many other areas. They were not only all over the United States but all over the world, from the Americas to Europe to Russia, China, Africa, Japan, Australia, and more. You may have seen a number of their amazing and beautiful structures, and perhaps even thought why we seem unable to build them even today. You will not find any photographs or evidence of construction for these buildings and cities, but some of them are still standing. You may even have some in your own city, though most of them were destroyed when this great war was at its peak in the 19th century.

The destruction of the Quadrigan civilization and way of life was hidden from you and presented as various 'civil wars', 'colonization', 'revolutions', 'plagues', 'great fires', 'world wars', and other kinds of deception. It has, at its core, been a war against good and evil. Many died, but even more were made to forget who they are over time through the deceptive tactics of a secret, worldwide cult that we will call the Agents of Chaos (AOC).

The Quadriga was not a civilization tied to a particular territory or race, however, it was a way of life that expressed itself in a variety of forms. It was not an empire in the sense that we think of empires today but a concept of inner and outer peace with four basic principles. similar to how 'democracy' is a concept with principles of its own that any country can adopt. The Quadriga, in fact, stood for real freedom and liberty, very different from the false kind that is presented to us in the form of democracy today. The Quadrigans lost the Great War, but the fight is not over yet. Some of us can remember.

Not long after the above photo was taken, the American 'Civil War' began. It was not a war against 'The Union' and 'Confederates', however. There has been only one continuous war for over six hundred years, It has been a war against the peace-loving Tartarian way of life by the agents of chaos. As the middle of the 19th century was a time when good quality photographic evidence is had, we will begin our story there to show you the history that has been kept hidden from you.

The Civil War Deception Began With The Family Of A Master Magician

Abraham Lincoln's real name was Stephen Phelps. He was born in Palmyra, New York, on August 1, 1805. He was supposedly only 55 in this photo from 1865, when he was actually 60 at the time. He doesn't mind that the two individuals pictured with him above are making a secret, magic cult-based gesture with their hands, for 'Honest Abe' is a master of deception. Stephen is shown in his portrait taken from historical county records here (but note that many photos from the 19th century are actually drawings or photos of drawings manipulated to look like old photographs).

Stephen was given the nickname 'Hawkeye' by his friends who were of the Sac and Fox native American tribes. That's because Stephen's mother was native American. His father, also named Stephen, was not only the town's mayor and sheriff but its founder. He built a fortune trading fur with natives with the help of his wife. He was a member of a secret, magic-based cult, whose symbols (of many) are shown on his headstone. As you will see, the entire family was. It is worth noting that Stephen Phelps was said to be good friends with 'Abraham Lincoln' and invited him over for dinner, even though he was playing the role of Lincoln. 'Abraham' made up a story about giving Stephen his old pocket knife, saying that he joked about how much Stephen resembled him, 'That knife was given to me on the condition that if I ever met an uglier man than myself, I was to give him the knife; fulfilling that condition, I now present the same to you.' He's told two different versions of this story (here and here). Stephen's descendants would later found a newspaper, multiple Christian colleges or universities, and oversee multiple state boards of education.

Note: Masters of deception seek to 'influence' as many people as possible through 'trusted' means.

The family lived in Oquawka, in Henderson County, Illinois, just one hundred miles from Springfield, the supposed home of 'Abraham Lincoln'.

A brother, Alexis, was a friend to Indian leaders of the day, including chief Black Hawk, according to his memorial page. It is worth noting that Stephen, as Abraham Lincoln, became captain in the Illinois Militia and fought in the Black Hawk War against chief Black Hawk. He then enlisted two more times in the same war. The entire time, he was also pretending to fight with the Black Hawks to gather intelligence, though he did not do any actual fighting (because he would have been recognized, to be sure). The Massacre at Kellogg’s Grove, where hundreds of Black Hawks died, began five days before his third enlistment, and ended five days after. ('Honest Abe' was discharged one month after this, saying later that he had his horse stolen so had to walk and canoe several hundred miles back. Being a double agent must have been tough.)

Alexis was supposedly a close 'friend' of both 'Stephen Douglas' and 'Abraham Lincoln'. according to his memorial page. Stephen Douglas was a politician and lawyer from Illinois. He was the Democratic Party nominee for President in the 1860 election, but he was defeated by Republican candidate Abraham Lincoln..

As 'Abraham Lincoln' was a Phelps pretending to be someone else (as magicians tend to do), Stephen Douglas was also a Phelps. They had another brother, Myron Phelps.

Myron Phelps was also known as 'Jefferson Davis', a politician who served as the only President of the Confederate States from 1861 to 1865. He was born 100 miles away from where 'Abraham Lincoln' was supposedly born. He was also the Secretary of War under fellow magician Franklin Pierce, the 14th President. Myron's second wife was named Adeline Rice (who may have had a granddaughter named Adeline Rice Lincoln, who claimed to be a relative of the President in a University of Chicago paper titled after Julius Pomponius Laetus, the founder of a secret, magic-based society in Italy called Academia Romana). As Jefferson Davis, Myron Phelps married the daughter of future President Zachary Taylor. As 'slavery abolitionist' John Brown, he worked with 'Frederick Douglas', 'Harriet Tubman', and other agents of chaos posing as 'abolitionists' (even pretending to be the husband of the latter, 'John Tubman') to help formulate one of the biggest deceptions in American history.

Together, the Phelps brothers would create the Great American Slavery Deception under the guise of 'freeing' people who were already free.

William Wines Phelps was an early leader of the Latter Day Saint movement (Mormons), according to the family history page. He printed the first edition of the Book of Commandments that became a standard work of the church and wrote numerous hymns, some of which are included in the current version of the LDS hymnbook. In 1820 he published a deceptive paper in the interest of the Anti-Masons, called the Ontario Phoenix. He also served as one of the scribes in the translation by Joseph Smith of the Book of Abraham. He was part of the group of early Mormons banished from Nauvoo, Illinois in 1843. (Nauvoo is 106 miles away from Springfield and 43 miles from Oquawka.) We'll find out more about how religion was used to destroy Tartary and their Quadrigan ideals later. We'll also understand more about how the AOC operate, such as there only being detailed, photo-realistic drawings of Joseph Smith rather than any actual photos, and that the supposed uncle of Joseph Smith looks nearly identical to William Phelps. The Mormons would make up half the population of what is today known as San Francisco and start the California Gold Rush in 1848, a psy-op that was instrumental in claiming the Western states from Mexico. We will learn all about the expert ways in which they deceive

The Phelps certainly have an interesting history. Besides covering all sides of the Presidency twice-over, eleven of the Phelps have served in congress, and one has been the US Assistant Treasurer, among other important positions. But we are not done with the Phelps just yet.

The last brother, William favors 'Stephen Douglas' in this photo. Though William does not play the role of Douglas, he does make an appearance as 'Mary Todd Lincoln', the wife of 'Abraham Lincoln'. See how his features compare here [see the original, with later manipulation] and also here [see the original, with later manipulation] and compare his shoulders from the family photo. You can also see his masculine face here. There are only drawings, not photos, of 'Abraham Lincoln' and 'Mary Todd Lincoln' together, which is strange for a President but would have made sense considering that 'she' was almost as tall as he was.

[Note: A lot of the old photos you can find from the 19th century have been manipulated, or are actually drawings. As you can see from the 'Mary Todd' originals, photos from that period can show a lot of detail, sometimes even better than modern cameras. Most of the photos of 'Lincoln' with his family or by himself are actually drawings made to look like photos, such as this example, or this obvious example of 'Jefferson Davis'. Here is one where the artist drew the year '1876' on Stephen Phelps beard under his name - which is eleven years after his supposed death. This depiction, on the front of every penny, also provides him with the occultish missing eye. Most of these fake photos were created in the 20th century, long after his death, as his image could be used to promote the narrative of 'freeing slaves', even though the opposite was the reality.]

Yes, Abraham Lincoln was a double-agent named Stephen Phelps who pretended to win political battles against his own family, multiple times, pretended to marry a brother who played his wife for years, had another brother who was President of the opposite side, all the while promoting a slavery crisis that didn't exist.

'Mary Todd' became Governor of Georgia 'Herschel Vespasian Johnson' while her alter-ego supposedly locked herself in the house to 'take care of the kids' while her 'husband' was rarely at home, as noted here. He was also the vice presidential nominee of the Douglas wing of the Democratic Party in the 1860 U.S. presidential election. He also served as one of Georgia's Confederate States senators. (He is pictured in this photo-realistic drawing). As Mary Todd, he was also embroiled in multiple treasonous scandals and was suspected of communicating with the enemy. If Lincoln had lost the election at the state level, 'Mary Todd Lincoln' would have ended up as vice president. His 'wife' during his governorship was a man playing the role of Ann Fromentine Johnson (Polk), who would later become the 11th President, James Polk. These wouldn't have been the first cases of such deception. You'd be surprised at how much of a tradition it actually is.

Propaganda and deception have been around a long time, but still we continue to be tricked in simple ways and don't think carefully about how we are being fooled, such as in this photo [source] from the 'Civil War'.

Are you beginning to see how the agents of chaos and deception operate, and how very deep this rabbit hole goes?

Lincoln's real birthplace, Palmyra, shares its name with Palmyra in Syria, where a temple dedicated to the ancient god Baal can be found. (The same 'Baal' that the magicians worship.) Also, Palmyra in New York is considered the spiritual home of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, otherwise known as Mormons. It's possible that the Phelps may have named this town (as they had with the town they moved to after that).

Coincidentally, Palmyra is also the town where the train that carried Lincoln's 'dead body' stopped for 20 minutes to refuel. Though the famous Shakespearean actor that supposedly killed him with a single shot in a crowded theatre surrounded by militia was also a member of the same secret society to which 'Honest Abe' belonged. But after the play, they all went home.

All the world's a stage, and they're the actors. So how do we fit in?

As you can see from every example above. the agents of chaos play all sides while they keep you busy with the drama that they themselves create to keep you in the dark. They are on all sides to always be in a position to win. Like magicians, they take advantage of our brains' inherent psychological limitations to deceive us.

The purpose? To break down your sense of identity and reality so that you can't figure out who and what you are. Sometimes it's called media or 'facts'. Other times it's called communism or science. It has many names and faces, just as the masters of deception do.

The goal of the Agents of Chaos is to invert your sense of reality. They gain a sense of the supernatural when you fall for their deception (according to their own beliefs). You may not be able to sense the deception directly, but your subconsciousness does, and it affects your ability to figure out who and what you are regardless. Just as when you are talking with someone you pick up on body language and facial micro-expressions without realizing it, you also pick up on the inversion of reality. It will then affect how you think and how you interact with the world around you. This is far more real and pervasive than might think.

Here is a sampling of the more obvious:

If you get the sense that one of the faces in the bottom row looks familiar, it's for a reason.

If the masses can be so easily deceived with something as trivial as the above, or with hormones, makeup, hair, lighting, and clothing in more sophisticated settings such as these...

...can we assume that the deception is far greater for things that are actually important? Can we also assume that multiple parties are needed to participate in this deception and falsify records and histories, such as historians, researchers, media, government officials, and others?

Could, then, deception be the rule rather than the exception?

[Note: The secret, magic-based cult of the agents of chaos is based on Saturn (the Sun god, Helios, the 'god of light', Lucifer) and has roots in antiquity. They believe that cross-dressing and transgenderism, and deception in general, is a gateway to connect with their 'gods' and gain supernatural powers. It serves the AOC's agenda when celebrities and public figures are 'worshipped', because public acceptance of the deception is an important part of the ritual. The question isn't 'who is?' but 'who isn't'? What is the social purpose of the transgender deception? To diminish your inherent masculine and feminine power by promoting gender confusion and the destruction of sexual identity.]

Photography, video, makeup, and other tools are easy methods by which the masses can be deceived. The first publicly-available photograph is from 1820 and offers enough detail to show a man getting a shoe shine. Within 30 years, photography had progressed enough to show small details on someone's face (as you can see from some links above). Yet, nearly 100 years later people were still accepting drawings, engravings, and bad-quality photographs to learn about important things. They did not think deception was even possible, much less that it could be systemic, with multiple layers. 

There are those who are dedicated to completely inverting your reality and destroying your sense of self. They rely on the inability of the average person to realize that they are being deceived in significant and important ways. And, as we will see, the person who is the ultimate source of this deception is you. (This is, perhaps, the hardest pill to swallow.)

Now, that we have an idea for how real and pervasive this deception is in our reality, the stage is set for even bigger deception. Are you paying attention?

The Art of Deception

Before we talk more about the real history of the world, we first need to talk a bit about how our false sense of reality comes about. As humans we would rather be lied to than shown how we are being deceived. We become attached to the lies that we have been fed as a mater of self-preservation and to protect our sense of reality that we have invested so much time and effort in building. The 'truth' is often rejected or ignored.

Systemic deception can be traced back to alchemists trying to turn cheap metal into far more valuable gold. They would want you to believe that they were quietly working in their laboratories on complex-yet-secret formulas that would allow them to, basically, print money. They were actually busy cutting and shaving gold and silver off of the edges of coins and creating fakes. Their 'magic' was finding out ways to amass wealth by taking advantage of as many people as possible without them realizing what was going on.

Lots of people shaved a little here and there, but those that profited most were the ones who handled the most money. They were the merchants and money changers. By 'taxing' coinage that passed through their hands they could realize gains without realizing any losses. Through deception they had found a clever way to extract public resources for their own personal benefit. This was, in essence, a precursor to the first private banking system.

Over time, their methods needed to become more and more sophisticated as technologies evolved. Deception was slowly becoming a science.

As the alchemists evolved their methods they learned six fundamental rules of deception. All six types of deception are meant to waste your time so that you never figure out that you are being deceived. They are meant to take away your power by confusing your conscious and subconscious mind.

The first is an inversion of reality. This is getting you to believe, for example, that good is bad and bad is good. North becomes South, and South becomes North. This is a way to disorient your thinking so that you have trouble thinking rationally and can more easily be told which direction is which. And, if a bit of information is repeated a number of times (and by multiple persons) it will eventually become accepted as true. You will, thus, believe that the North pole is actually the South pole. In this way secret, magic-oriented societies were born. through coordinated efforts.

You can also become demoralized when you find out that something you thought was good is not actually. This also dis-empowers you. The Church, for example, actively encourages media outlets to publicize reports of abuse within it, in much the same way they encouraged Copernicus to publicize his anti-Biblical model of the solar system hundreds of years ago.

This method also includes 'projection'. This is when the agents of chaos accuse others of doing what they themselves have done or are doing.

The second method is to create multiple layers of deception, or metafiction. A good magician has something for everyone to look at while they're performing their tricks. This could be, for example, a local entity with a secret facility that is used for human trafficking. After putting up a sign in front that says 'Cookies for Sale' they will create one or more layers of fiction. Most people will accept that the facility sells cookies. For those that don't, a metafiction is ready: a rumor that the facility is used for adult parties where politicians can go without being seen (and perhaps create supporting material with real politicians). If you don't accept the first layer, you'll be more attracted to the alternative(s) that they have create.d for you. That way, anyone that knows what is really going on simply won't be believed or listened to by anyone. The person that knows about the human trafficking won't be listened to by people who believe it's a cookie shop. They also won't be listened to by the person that knows there is something fishy going on, but heard about sex parties. Metafiction is very effective for purposes of deception.

The third method is to create dramas in order to keep people distracted and unfocused. This happens quite often in society, and is coordinated and intentional. If larger groups of people are beginning to 'figure things out' there might be an event of some kind to make people forget what they had been thinking, and change focus.

The fourth is deception by association, which became particularly important in hiding the origins of 'Jesus'. Deception by association is attaching what is 'true' to something that is ridiculous. If, for example, the agents of chaos did not want people to give serious consideration to a particular idea they would create a fringe group that held those ideas. They would then make the group seem strange or crazy so that anyone considering the 'truth' would be turned off in their pursuit. This also has the benefit of shepherding people that know the idea to be true to join the group (or be influenced by it) and be directed away from the reality.

The fifth way of deception is through re-definition of terms. This is meant to foster ignorance so that you don't know how to properly think of something. The effect of this method is compounded over time. If, for example, someone used the term 'slave' in the 15th century, those in the 21st century would believe that the definition is the same now as it was then. This is often done intentionally, as the same secret, magic-based cult that is deceiving you is the same group that has the authority to define the words and terms being used. This also means that some terms are simply erased from the lexicon so that what the those terms represented is much harder to conceive of.

Redefinition of terms also includes inversion of terms. This works well to change assumptions about something. If, for example, they wanted to go to war with a country, they could sign a Common Peace Treaty Between Two Nations. Bonus points for coming up with an abbreviated version of the name that people focus on, instead. 

The sixth method of deception is control of alternatives. If they create an entity, they will be the first to create its alternative. Where they don't create alternatives first, they infiltrate and control any real alternatives that pop up. There are only a few very rare exceptions. The alternative, of course, will be seen to be working against the mainstream entity, when in actuality they are both controlled by the same group.

The Agents of Chaos' Deception Regarding The Historical Jesus

Smith and Phelps, above, wanted people to believe that Jesus came to America after his 'resurrection', so they created an entire religion based around it. Their main book is said to contain a record of Jesus visiting the Americas. By simply implanting the idea that Jesus visited the Americas people are much less likely to figure out that he was born in the Americas. People would then think the idea is implausible or perhaps even interesting, not realizing the deception that just took place. This group wanted people to believe that the people on the American continent at the time of Jesus' supposed visit were the "other sheep not of this fold" that Jesus said he was going to visit, as told in the Bible.

Why would the masters of deception want people to believe this? Why was it so important? Why spend so much time, effort, and resources on this deception? Aside from having deeply infiltrated every religion in the world already, the agents of chaos sought to accomplish two things: 1) Remake Christianity in their image, as they had successfully done with other belief systems; and 2) codify the methods of deception above to mislead people as to the reality of the person (and group) that was 'Jesus'.

There were several 'Buddhas' by that time (the most famous being the sixth and last) and a few 'Christs'. As you may have guessed, these designations do not represent individuals but an awareness of a greater reality beyond the physical one that we think we know so well. At one time, both 'Buddha' and 'Christ' were used to reference the same person.

Jesus was born in  the year -178 in what is now known today as Mérida, on the Yucatán Peninsula of Mexico, but was then a Tartarian land that we would refer to today as Maya. In Greek mythology, Maya is the daughter of Atlas. After Jesus moved to the American midwest to study at what today might be called the New Library of Alexandria and worked to bring peace to the lands, the lands East of the Sierra Nevada were re-named Atalanta in his honor (or, Atlas in Greek, the son of Iasus, or Jesus), while the city that he studied was given his nickname – Chilaga – which became 'Chicago' much later. In Sanskrit, 'Maya' is the name for the mother of the Buddha, while Chilaga means 'one who serves' (and later, Chilango referred to the land surrounding the Gulf of Mexico and even later, just the greater Mexico City area).

The Iroquois tribes that populated America had, at the time, been at war with each other due to infiltration from 'settlers' from Europe and North Africa who wanted to take control of the Americas.  ('Iroquois' is French and from the Sanskrit 'Iraja', which means both 'god of love' and 'born of water'.) The person we know today as Jesus created the Great Law of Peace to bring peace to the land, which itself was based upon the confederacy of the Mayan state in which he lived in Mexico. From his work, most of the invaders agreed to integrate within Iroquois society and the tribes were again united in peace. This became the oral constitution of the Iroquois Confederacy  (and served as the primary foundation of the Constitution of the United States).

'Jesus' thereafter became known as the Great Peacemaker, or 'Deganawida' (from the combination of two Sanskrit words, 'duHkhAnta' and 'avidhA' which, together, mean 'one who interjects to end pain or trouble'.). His first follower, a woman named Hiawatha (from the Sanskrit 'haThAyAta', or 'one who is indispensable'), is much more widely known today. Over time, this has transformed into Hiawatha being male and the main peacemaker, while 'Jesus' not being able to speak all of the local languages fluently is referred to as a 'speech impediment'. Sometimes our laziness for people to listen carefully to a story becomes its own deception over time.

Wanting to take control of an empire that really only existed in the mind, the AOC sought to not only destroy Tartaria and its Quadrigan ideals but destroy the message of peace that Jesus (not his real name) reminded people of. As the message of peace with one's reality and one's self spread across the world over the next 300-500 years, the AOC embarked on a mission that proved to be their greatest yet: appropriate the message of peace for themselves using the traditions of a secret, magic-based Egyptian cult and transforming it into sun worship for the masses.

The Agents of Chaos then proceeded to destroy Tartarian civilization in the Americas while assuming control of the 'Jesus' narrative and shifting locations to places that they had control over at the time. This deception continued well into the 20th century with the 'Dead Sea Scrolls', which were written on parchment 40-50 years previously and could not have possibly survived extreme salt erosion for nearly '2000 years' as claimed. Caves themselves were being eroded, and parchment was a very bad choice of medium for the deceivers, as only stone would have preserved the records in that deception (though they would then have to explain how 900 stone tablets were moved into the caves and lay untouched for nearly 2,000 years). But, as usual, people believe what the 'authorities' tell them without thinking for themselves.

The AOC then took the core material and attached it to another book that they had recently developed that would serve as the new foundation for their deception. They took control of Quadrigan temples that had been used as places to recharge the body and mind (using simple, battery-like atmospheric energy systems) and transformed them into churches and other places to worship the new sun god. They disabled the function of the temples and turned them into lifeless palaces of mind control, installing 'priests' to distract people from their own power and abilities. Among endless other deceptions, they would even get people to celebrate their false god in the form of Santa (Satan for children) and put its symbol on the top of trees that had been sacrificed, and make gift offerings on an altar under them, the show up for church on Sun-day.

We will also show how 1,000 years were added to the calendar [yes, you read that right] and false histories were made up worldwide using monks to re-write books and slowly making people forget who they really are. There is no limit to what the agents of chaos and deception will do when peace, freedom, and self-awareness sickens them to their core just as much as knowledge of what they have been doing would sicken anyone else. (And we will also see how they became that way.)

These realities could be hidden quite easily. Imagine the following exchange:

  • Person 1: "Hey, I think the real Jesus might have lived in the Americas"
  • Person 2: "Don't the XYZs believe in the same thing?"

At that point the conversation is over and the person never thinks about it again. It's very clever, and very hard to see. Once an idea is associated with a group (or person), then people would always think of them when thinking of the idea. It's easy for the agents of Chaos to work their magic on an unsuspecting population. The human mind was not meant to untangle endless webs of deceit.

Furthermore, more deception about supposed 'cannibalistic' practices was added to the story of the Mayans and Aztecs (as well as all of the Tartarian heads of the various lands in Europe). However, they were far more civilized than the agents of chaos who arrived on the shores of Aztec in the 1400's looking for the birthplace of Jesus but got distracted by the immense gold wealth. The gold was to be plundered and sold abroad to pay for the destruction of the Americas and the construction of a false reality worldwide.

We will later see how the year -178 was not as long ago as you might think. (And you are supposed to believe that these were built 2,000-4,000 years ago.)

The Tartarian seal of the Great Law of Peace with a griffin on top of the Tree of Peace
((later becoming an eagle, as shown), while the seal on the right has something else.

Because you could easily figure things out if you are shown things plainly, what you are shown is often not how things really are. If you were shown how energy is actually produced, for example, you would simply make it yourself at home. Or, if you were told what really happened in 2001 you could far more easily figure out what is really going on today. Thus, deception is required from every government or corporation that wants to retain its authority and power. The more incentive there is to deceive the more deception there will be.

The most powerful authorities in society are not about any 'elite' or highest levels of government. They are the ones you don't think about. Thus, they are not targets. They will still be there even if all of the 'elites' went on holiday. They are authoritative without requiring any defenses. There are no protests against them. There are no distinct parties or sub-groups to focus your anger on in any meaningful way. They are official without elected officials. They are the default where no one is at fault or held accountable if proven wrong.

They are the magicians whose tricks are accepted without question. They are in books, encyclopedias, dictionaries, agencies, and accepted bodies of knowledge. They are the ones whose rules people always follow, even when those rules are rejected.

For this you are very likely to think, "No, it's not possible!" when reading this material. When you have been deceived time and time again about something, the reality becomes unacceptable. Do not believe the material, or even any evidence presented. Take a look for the reality yourself. But before you do, consider the following.

  • 1
    Is it true that governments and other organizations are capable of deception?
  • 2
    Is it true that the greater the stakes are, the greater the deception will be?
  • 3
    Can we assume that governments and others, like the humans that run them, will naturally do whatever it takes to survive?
  • 4
    Is it true that governments and others that have been around for a hundred years or more and can have very long-term plans, and vast resources and a network to carry them out?
  • 5
    Can we assume that these large organizations might want to work together to coordinate their efforts, regardless of nationality?
  • 6
    Is it safe to assume that large-scale deception might exist and be executed and coordinated just well enough to keep the majority of the population from seeing what is really going on? And, if the majority have been fooled it is easier for those who have not been fooled to give up trying to show them how they have been fooled?
  • 7
    Can we assume that, when confronted with evidence about their deception, they would continue to deceive and defend their position with as many resources and as much evidence (however false) as needed to maintain the illusion?

Those that deceive want you to argue over the details of the evidence because it's the best way for them to waste your time.. We often do just that, not realizing that that is also a method of deception.  When one argues about the details of the evidence with each other rather than the fact that we have been deceived at any point in time, we give them room to deceive us again.

But once we discover deception of any kind we should assume that there is far more deception than has yet to be discovered. A raindrop almost always means there is much more rain that you're not seeing yet.

The ultimate goal of any authority, or magician, is to condition you to believe that they – not you – are the author of your reality. This cannot possibly be true, of course, as you are the author of your own perspective. Thus, the ultimate goal of this material is to show you how you've actually been deceiving yourself the whole time.

A More Sophisticated Alchemy

The worldwide destruction of the Tartarian way of life around the world was already in effect before the first settlers from England arrived in America. In 1492 a member of a secret, magic-based cult that had taken over Spain [shown here making the '666' hand gesture] went to survey the lands West of Oceanus (the Atlantic Ocean) to see how its vast population could be infiltrated and taken over. For the next 100+ years they would destroy Atalanta (American Tartary) to make way for the first 'settlers' that arrived in 1607.

The strategy of the AOC was cunning, as usual. They would infiltrate the various populations of North, South, Central America and the Caribbean Islands, subjugate their people, take their gold to send back to Europe to continue financing their campaign. Once the power of Atalanta had diminished they were ready for the second part of their campaign, which involved sending their much more light-skinned compatriots (who looked very different from the Spanish) to settle in the most habitable part of the Americas.

It was the creation of the Virginia Corporation that allowed the AOC to destroy what was left of American Tartary with religion, laws, and finance. This was a strategy that worked successfully against other Tartarian strongholds. In order to continue financing their efforts after most of the gold had been plundered they sought to create a trading corporation that exported furs and tobacco from the Americas to Europe. This corporation, the Virginia Corporation of London, would later become known as the United States of America.

For some background on why they would want to create a trading company we must look back to the early 14th century, when the powerful Medici family working in Rome had contrived with other members of their secret, magic-oriented cult to make usury (lending money at interest) illegal They had control over Southern Italy, and had already used this power to gain control of Rome and take over the Church.

After the usury deception was in place, the Medici were then able to utilize letters of credit from merchants trading across borders to be able to charge interest in the form of exchange rates. Instead of lending money locally at 5% interest, for example, they would simply write a letter of credit that merchants could use to import and export goods, hiding the interest in the currency conversion. In order to accomplish this, the Bank of Medici set up branches all over Europe. They were soon in control of the largest bank in Europe. They were also the first to adopt distributed ledger technology, as each branch acted independently and had their own double-entry bookkeeping records. By making each branch a partnership under the central holding company in Florence, Italy, they had introduced the first model of a modern holding company.

A letter of credit was one of the most important financial mechanisms that allowed international trade to flourish in the 15th century. These financial technologies gave rise to the Dutch East India Company ('VOC') in 1602, which became the world's first privately-held corporation, issuing shares that people could trade in Amsterdam. The company "...had tremendous power, not only to monopolize trade but to build forts, wage war, negotiate treaties, mint coins, establish colonies, and imprison or execute convicts." [source].

Tartary Britain were developing their own trading company, called East India Company. In contrast to the Dutch VOC, each voyage of the EIC was organized as its own corporation that was dissolved when the voyage was complete. This changed in 1657, and soon the agents of chaos were able to buy up the majority of shares in the British East India Company, adding to their majority ownership of the Dutch Easy India Company they already had managed to accumulate, using clever financing tactics. They would then leverage this power to change the face of Europe and America forever..

Within ten years of the creation of these powerful entities, the first settlers arrived in America to form their own trading company, being able to control 100% of it outright.. At the time, the largest economy in the world was Tartarian China, and it was due in large part to their trade with the rest of the world. By creating their own trading company and using the Americas as its manufacturing and trading depot, it had sought to take over China's position.

Over the next 400 years, American Tartary would be completely destroyed, along with Tartarian lands in the rest of the world.

The Destruction of Tartary Around the World

While the lands East of the Mississippi were being taken over by 'settlers', lands West of the Mississippi were still being infiltrated, plundered, and pillaged until about 1820. At the time, it was quite difficult to travel and communicate with anything West of the Rocky Mountains, which offered the perfect cover for the destruction of the various Tartarian lands that were already there. People East of the Rocky Mountains had no idea what was going on.

The AOC financed this destruction with gold stolen from South America and Mexico, with Francis Drake [pictured here making a secret hand gesture] taking a lead role as the Dutch East India Company gained power, taking over parts of the West and calling it 'New Albion' (or, New Britain). Agents of chaos masquerading as pirates also helped to finance the efforts, plundering cargo from ships not associated with the two large trading companies that they worked for.

A pirate flourished with the symbols of his cult, with a triangular hat, patch over one eye,
a hidden hand (hooked), and an 'X' to let you know that deception abounds.

The Western areas of the Americas were 'settled' by the agents of chaos and infiltrated, then destroyed and built over. Sometimes these cities were so vast and out of reach that stories eventually needed to be made up about them (such as this area, four times the size of Manhattan). Others were turned into vast military bases or government lands that covered areas larger than Western Europe itself. Today. the US government owns about 47% of all lands West of the Rocky Mountains, compared with only 4% in the East. (They're still busy studying the secrets of the Quadriga, but haven't figured it out yet.)

In Europe, the 'French Revolution' in 1789 heralded the end of French Tartary. Although Prague was the first to showcase Tartary's destruction under the guise of a 'world exposition' in 1791 under the rule of Joseph II ('Holy Roman Emperor'), from 1798 in Paris alone a total of seven 'world exhibitions' were held over the next 30 years. Each exposition was celebrating a triumph over Tartary, and few attending the expositions and world's fairs had any idea what they were really about.

The AOC had, by then, already demonized the concept of 'Tartar' and its people (as they already had authority over the definitions of words).

Tartarean means 'hellish', from Dictionary of the English language (1828).
Nevermind that maps had been showing 'Tartar' and 'Tartary' for hundreds of years.

Later, World War I and World War II allowed the agents of chaos to hide the destruction of Tartary in other ways. 'Great fires' in various Tartarian areas was another popular method.

There were approximately 250 world's fairs and expositions held until 1945 showcasing the triumph over Tartary. These events were held in Tartarian buildings and complexes, most of which were demolished after a few months of the event's opening to begin the campaign of making people forget about Tartary. Most of these events exhibited the following characteristics:

  • Same style of architecture (Tartarian), often with symbols of the Quadriga or Tartary still shown
  • Impossible construction times for so many large and complicated buildings (as little as 6 months)
  • No records of their construction, including photographs, blueprints, and other historical artefacts
  • Near total destruction of all buildings after just a few months of a fair's opening 

Some fairs had over a thousand buildings which were so detailed and complicated they cannot be reproduced today. They were already there, and had been for hundreds of years. The fast 'construction time' of these fairs is the time that was needed to make modifications (pillaging and clearing out what was inside, adding signs, flags, etc.) Here is a list of the world's fairs. We will take a look at some of the evidence for this genocide and destruction of Tartarian history below.

The Chicago Worlds Fair (1893) and 'Great Chicago Fire' (1871)

The destruction of the great city that the historical Jesus lived was thorough. Compared to the scattered lands West of the Rocky Mountains that were governed by Asian Tartary, the lands East were focused around ports such as those the Great Lakes offered (though the Salt Lake City area was also quite populous).

In 1893 the city of Chicago held the World's Colombian Exposition to publicly celebrate Columbus 'discovering' America. The fair's promoters "...hoped to demonstrate the great industrial power of the United States and symbolize the passing of leadership from the Old World to the New." It was really a celebration of the destruction of the great Tartarian city of Chilaga (Chicago). 

You are to believe that more than 200 new buildings over 600 acres were erected on a reclaimed swamp in two years from the start of planning to opening day. Furthermore, there are no blueprints and documentation is sparse, nearly everything was said to be built with plaster of Paris, it was completed during the Great Economic Panic of 1893, and nearly everything was destroyed after only six months of having been opened.

A number equal to half of the entire population of the US came to see the destruction of Chilaga, some 27 million people from all over the world. Very few, if anyone, realized what they were participating in.

Note that a number of smaller structures were built during the 'construction' time.

See more of the Columbian Exposition, as well as the 'Great Chicago Fire' of 1871

The Pan-American Exposition, Buffalo, New York (1901)

This event was held May 1 through November 2, 1901, and comprised 350 acres. When the fair ended, the contents of the grounds were sold to the Chicago House Wrecking Company of Chicago. Demolition of the buildings began in March 1902.

See more...

The Louisiana Purchase Exposition (1904)

1,500 buildings built over 1,270 acres supposedly took four months to complete, from start to finish. After planning and such, 'construction' started: December 20, 1901 and it as initially scheduled to open on July 1, 1902. However, the opening was postponed until April 30, 1904 (probably because there were already 2 others in America scheduled around that time in 1904).

Supposedly, all but one of the structures was said to be temporary, designed to last only a year (though the exhibition was open for 8 months). Many buildings were destroyed by fire two weeks before close.

See more...

The Time Deception and History Illusion

If you went to sleep on Sunday, October 4th, 582 AD, you woke up on Monday, October 18th 1582 AD. You would not have been aware that an extra one thousand years had been added to the calendars because you didn’t have access to calendars. For much of the world, the source of the date and time would have been the Church.

All of our knowledge has been acquired in the past, but what happens when the past is altered?

In 1545 the Council of Trent authorized the Pope to reform the calendar, something that didn’t occur until the next Pope in 1582. If you’re wondering why it took nearly forty years to do something that should have taken five to ten years at most, you’re on the right track. Forty years is probably about how long it took to plan the deception.

The stated goal was to standardize the date of Easter throughout Christendom by creating a new calendar and adding ten days. This was, however, a deception that hid the actual purpose of the changes.

We cannot perceive of history directly so must rely on historical records, which creates opportunities for deception about it from those who have control over such records. The agents of chaos have the ability to re-write history, and often do for their own benefit. If they can do this, is it unfathomable that they could have actually written part of our history, not just re-written it? 

Imagine the power that such an act could have. Imagine having the ability to control the socio-political landscape and destiny of entire nations by fabricating an entire history regarding wars, royalty, and anything else you could possibly imagine. Imagine how much money could be saved by not fighting 1,000 years' worth of wars for political gains but simply writing the desired narrative for future generations to read about. Do you think they would take that opportunity?

They have. And they did.

Since about the year 1530, people – especially monks – had been instructed to write ‘i’ when they wrote the year to denote what we would call today ‘A.D.’, or anno domini in Latin. The year 500, for example, was written as 'i500' to signify that something was written five hundred years after the birth of Jesus Christ.

‘i’ was used to denote ‘Jesus’ in Latin, which was written as ‘Iesous’. Later, ‘j’ was used. It isn’t a stretch of the imagination to think that monks could have added this notation to books that had already been published.

When this practice began to take hold and was noted in books, documents, ledgers, coinage, maps, etc., the Gregorian calendar was ready to be implemented.

The addition of the ‘i’-notation was far more accepted than the ten-day change to the calendar, which brought much resistance in territories in the dominion of the Church, especially Christian and Protestant ones. Not all countries adopted the calendar at the same time. It is possible that this resistance was due to an extra one thousand years being added to their calendars (thus skipping the millennial return of Christ that they had been heavily anticipating, but the Church did not desire), not resistance to the one-time addition of a mere ten days to the calendar as we are told was the case.

During the next 100-200 years the small ‘i’ and 'j' were transformed into a large 'I' and 'J' and then finally a ‘1’. Year 600 AD had changed from being written as ‘600’ to '1600' over the course of four hundred years until the changes were finally adopted everywhere by the 18th century. Further, where the date is expressed as a Roman numeral such as ‘XIII’, an ‘L’ could simply be added, making it ‘LXIII’.

It may not be a coincidence that the people tasked with engraving these dates in stone on buildings and other important places were called masons.

Nearly everything we know about ancient history comes from the period of 1750-1900. There are few, if any, history books concerning Classical Rome or Classical Athens before the year 1500. When people in the 15th century were discussing 'ancient' figures such as Plato, Aristotle, etc., they were talking as if these people had existed only a few generations ago.

The 'Renaissance' was grand deception. Artists such as Michelangelo were paid by the Medicis, members of a secret, magic-based cult, to create works of art to make people forget what came before. Art and discovery had not somehow taken a 1,000-year nap. The monks doing the forgeries just weren't very artistic or creative.

Marsilio Ficino is, for example, the first person to introduce material related to Plato. He was given some manuscripts in 1462. He translated those into Latin by 1484. The manuscripts were given to him by Cosimo de' Medici. Valuable materials and discoveries are often smuggled to the agents of chaos, such as the fundamental concept for the calculus being brought from India to the hands of a 'Grand Master' of a secret, magic-based cult known as Isaac Newton.

Book bannings, book burnings, house raids looking for 'banned material' were common. This was all done by the Church, and was how history was changed at a time when there was no separation between Chuch and State..

The 'Dark Ages' never existed. 1,000 years of history was made up by the powerful Church to: 1) skip the anticipated 'return of Christ' that people were beginning to get anxious over even though it was hundreds of years away (in 1,000 A.D.); and 2) create false history in order to gain power over Europe and the rest of the known world in the form of the Holy Roman Empire.

We are to believe the 'Dark Ages' lasted exactly 1,000 years before progress continued, not 750 years or 1150 years, but exactly 1,000 years.

We are to believe that the Roman army, on which the Roman Empire depended, was unable to improve its weapons and military tactics during nine centuries of wars. Further, we are to believe that they built elaborate structures such as temples, bridges, and aqueducts without precise and elaborate calculations. using only ancient Roman numerals (which cannot even be added together)

We are to believe ancient Romans built a vast empire spanning continents without so much as a good map.

We are to believe that there was no significant improvement in sanitary conditions in Western Europe for over 1,000 years during the 'Dark Ages'

We are to believe that after hundreds of years of philosophy, the Greeks just stopped thinking much at all, and did not make other advancements, as well.

We are to believe that all the 'great' philosophers of the 1,000-year period from 5th-15th centuries were connected directly to the Church.

Erasure of Tartarian People and History

The agents of chaos (AOC) believe in an ancient cult that is based on inversion of reality. They believe that if you subscribe to their deceptions they will gain supernatural powers and move to a higher realm. This isn't just about acceptance of transgenderism, but about acceptance of their deceptions in general. However, convoluted this may seem, it is the nature of Chaos to confuse your sense of reality so that you are unable to figure out who you are and which direction you're going. As deceptions about the present reality age, they become deceptions about the past.

Throughout history, many people in Tartarian lands have died before their time, have been chased from their own countries, or have otherwise been treated unjustly. They have been forgotten, but some of them we are still very familiar with.

The agents of chaos have spies working in patent offices around the world. World-changing inventions are often 'lost' or appropriated by the chaos network and given to chosen individuals who are tasked with making something of it. (How many unique and valuable discoveries were magically made by two separate parties at the same time?) Bonus points if it can be attached to a narrative or destroys Quadrigan ideals such as free energy from the atmosphere, as in the case of Tesla.

Sometimes you don't even need spies. You can just steal all of your work from your far more brilliant wife and call it your own. You then can live the rest of your life trying to figure out what she had been thinking about when she was a teenager.

Einstein was tasked with inventing an new field of physics to hide the reality of the Earth being at the center of the mass of the entire universe, something that was being proven in numerous, very scientific experiments at the time. What is even more hidden is that you – the observer – is at the center of the universe’s mass. That is because reality flows entirely from your being.

Let's take a look at a couple of the more interesting 'misappropriation' of works.

Shall I Compare Thee To A Summer's Day?

The above image is a likeness obtained via Q Metaphysics of Aemilia Bassano Lanyer, who was born in the year 1569 in London. She was a Jewish, mulatto woman who was fluent in Italian, Hebrew, Latin, Greek, and English. She is better known as William Shakespeare.

The song most-mentioned in her work as 'William Shakespeare' is ‘'King Cophetua and the Beggar Maid" (mentioned 4 times in her works), which is a song in which a king falls in love with a young black girl from the streets. The song was about her, and although she grew up in court, she was not as noble as the married man she loved; a cousin of Queen Elizabeth I named Lord Hunsdon.

Lord Hunsdon was the patron of Lord Chamberlain's Men, William Shakespeare's playing company. He was the man in charge of English theatre. Born Henry Carey, he was the illegitimate child of King Henry VIII. She wrote many plays about his family, such as Henry the 6th, Henry the 4th, Henry the 5th, and Henry the 8th, all while she was still a teenager. As Shakespeare, she dedicated many of her sonnets to "Mr. WH", which stands for 'Mr. Willow Hunsdon'. (Willough was her nickname, from the manor she stayed at from the time she was seven, called Willoughby.) He was the person that she could secretly submit her manuscripts through to the theatre without divulging her identity. It also helped that she had 15 relatives involved with music for theatre, including a close relative who was the musical director for her plays.

Aemilia would often pen her pseudonym as 'William Shakes-peare', which is kind of odd but is an obvious play on words. It is an anagram that ultimately means “A. Willow Speaks-Here”. 'William' is the masculine version of her nickname (Willow). Publishing a book under her own name would have been scandalous. As a Jew and a female, publishing the feminist and anti-Christian tones often found in her work would have unquestionably meant her execution..

She would often put her own name, in variations, in her work or the names of those that she knew. For example, in Titus Andronicus there are characters called Emillius and Bassianus. In Othello, 

Her most famous play, Romeo and Juliet, was a story about her relationship with someone she loved and had to leave when she was a young teenager. She was Juliet (a Jew) and he was Romeo (a non-Jew who lived in Rome). Throughout the 16th century, Jews gradually moved from the south of Italy to the north, with conditions worsening for Jews in Rome after 1556 and Venice in the 1580s. Her family moved to Venice.

In Sonnet 127, she talks about her affair with Lord Hunsdon, the 'bastard' in it:

In the old age black was not counted fair, 
Or if it were it bore not beauty's name;
But now is black beauty's successive heir,
And beauty slandered with a bastard shame:

The likeness of 'William Shakespeare' is Lord Hunsdon himself. (The earring that he wears in the drawing was her idea.)


Joseph Bologne Chevalier de Saint-Georges was a French celebrity who was both an accomplished musician and swordsman. He was even known internationally, with US president John Adams going so far as to say that Saint-Georges was 'the most accomplished man in Europe'.

While Mozart’s symphonies was receiving inferior performances in Paris, Saint-Georges was leading one of the best orchestras in Europe. One had talent, and the other didn't.

The film and play 'Amadeus' portrays a mildly talented composer named Antonio Salieri, who believes Mozart's music is divine and miraculous. In reality, it is Mozart who is jealous of Saint-Georges, and Salieri is the agent of chaos who organizes the deception after his death. Such is the inverted reality that agents of chaos would have us live in.

It is also a metafiction that mistakes were never made in composition. Supposedly, he was just writing down music that was already perfectly composed in his head. The reality is that Saint-Georges' originals had plenty of corrections. However, when his work was copied, the author's name was changed to 'Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart', and the originals were destroyed, as producing authentic-looking 'proofs of work' would have been quite difficult with such complicated pieces. It also makes Mozart look like a genius.

The below portrait on the left used the engraving on the right as a model.

Most of Saint-Georges' work was stolen and attributed to Mozart (and his father) as well as Haydn, all members of a secret, magic-based cult. He was so prolific his works were spread across four 'talented' musicians. And today he's referred to as 'the Black Mozart' because the few works left attributed to him sound indistinguishable from the hundreds of pieces that were stolen.

A depiction of a young Mozart with the hidden hand of deception

Like Saleiri being Emperor Joseph II's music teacher in 'Amadeus', Saint-Georges was Marie Antoinette's music teacher, and France was undergoing a revolution. Under pressure from invisible hands, in 1762 King Louis XV decreed that people of color (blacks and mulattos such as musicians like Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, and the other 60% or so of the population) must register with the clerk of the Admiralty, even though the King himself was mulatto. Later, Saint-Georges was imprisoned and threatened with execution. By September 1791, the French monarchy was under threat. That December, Mozart died, and Marie Antoinette was guillotined a few months later. Saint-Georges would live a few more years.

The French Revolution of 1789 sought to eliminate the ruling 'black nobility' and black image of God that had dominated Europe and Russia for centuries with a more atheistic agenda. However, by that time in Europe's history the agents of chaos had been pushing multi-culturalism far enough that mulattos (such as Louis XIV, known as 'the Sun King' for his 'high yellow' complexion) were favored over more dark-skinned persons.. Millions of Europeans – mostly children – were driven from their homes and scattered all around the world, sometimes under the guise of plague or revolution.

One of the leaders of the rebellion was Saint-Georges himself. During the French Revolution, Saint-Georges was colonel of the Légion St.-Georges, fighting on the side of the Republic. He commanded over 1,000 men.

The same secret, magic-based group that had been trying to gain control of America since its founding by had been trying to do the same with mighty France for much longer. In 1804 they was able to do just that, with Napoleon scheming his way to the top and declaring himself Emperor of France and its territories. After his rule ended in 1814, France had changed hands nine times during the next 40 years between the Tartarians and agents of chaos (AOC).

Thousands of years ago, some of the people that would later become 'agents of chaos' were part of a group called 'alobhin', which is Sanskrit for 'undesired ones'. Because of a genetic defect, others throughout their land believed that those with the defect would bring a bad harvest. For a people that were highly reliant on agriculture for their survival, it seemed like the best choice at the time. The alobhins became outcasts and sought refuge in other areas. But as the pre-Tartarian population rapidly increased outward from India they needed to migrate further and further away until eventually they found themselves in what is known as 'Britain' today (though still were in parts of Turkey and old Germany). Over time, as they developed their own culture and way of life they called their land (and way of life), Albion.. They referred to Tartarians as Saxons (from the sanskrit 'sahasin', meaning powerful). Their land in Germany was known as Angles, which later became Anglo-Saxons. There are, however, agents of chaos working in all domains.

The Space Deception

You have been led to believe that you are an insignificant clump of organic dust evolved from a primordial soup living on a planet that orbits one of hundreds of billions of stars in a galaxy that is itself one of many billions of galaxies, all in a 13 billion year-old universe created purely by chance. 

You are conditioned to believe your very existence is an accident and that your being is inherently invisible in an infinite cosmos. This is, perhaps, the greatest deception in all of human history.

You believe that Earth is part of the Vast Milky Way galaxy.

what if we told you that this is Sound and gas Within Earth's Upper Atmosphere?

There is a fundamental flaw at the heart of the scientific method that has been ignored for thousands of years since its early incarnation in Ancient Egypt.

The basic empirical method of science begins with the assumption that reality can accurately be perceived. This, of course, is proven to be false. Scientific observations – and resultant theories and 'facts' – are assumed to be objective when they are inherently subjective because they ultimately rely on subjective perceptions. Unfortunately for them, scientists have never been able to observe reality directly.

Consciousness is one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of science. Yet, each part of the scientific method has consciousness at its foundation. It is because of this that modern science is based upon a very beautiful and compelling illusion. It learns how to work with the illusion and discover complications rather than discovering the simplicity behind the illusion of perspective.

We are not so far removed from the days where the 'elite' preferred an uneducated and illiterate population. Science has become the new wizard behind the curtain.

Q Metaphysics places consciousness at the forefront of reality. It is not a science, fortunately, but a new way of thinking about the universe. A universe that is, at its very core, your perspective.

You Believe your reality is in 3D.

what if we told you that It is actually two dimensions
of information, and your mind Translates It to four?

The institutions of the modern world – of government, learning, finance, religion, and more – are all designed to deceive you into thinking you have little power on your own, and need them in order to manage your own reality. It isn't just an after-thought, but a mission-critical function.

This deception about the true nature of reality has been going on for thousands of years, for as long as there have been small groups of people who have wanted to rule over others. Those that have upheld this deception have it down to a science – literally. 

You are told that if you want to understand reality you must study the details of the deception (political science, geometry, physics, maths, geology, psychology, etc.) You could even find your new tools very useful within the lofty confines of the deception. But it would be quite difficult for you to understand how your indoctrination keeps you from discovering what reality actually is. You would only be able to conceive of a greater reality from the framework of the deception.

The Grand Deception is not based not so much on hiding information from you that you would eventually discover for yourself, but changing the definition of things and redirecting your attention so that the reality is very difficult to conceive. Good becomes bad, bad becomes good, right becomes left, left becomes right, round becomes flat, flat becomes round, and so on.

The Bigger the Truth Is, The Bigger The Deception Will Be.

There is Another Earth Right Next Door To This One.

The best way to hide 'the truth' is to put it right in front of your eyes and turn it into fiction. If the lie is repeated over and over from the time you start learning about the world until your last breath, it's believed without question. The lie is believed so thoroughly that any evidence to the contrary will be ignored. The masters of deception will even be applauded when they make movies about how you're being deceived, or even that there is a second Earth. Yet, they have known for centuries and are solely dedicated to keeping you in the dark about it.

DNA is encoded information that exists in the first and second dimension of reality. It is metaphysical. Just as each chromosome has a  complementary chromosome, each pair of chromosomes has a complementary pair. One pair becomes you on this Earth (in yellow, on right) and the other pair becomes someone else on the other Earth (in green).

Think of The Wizard of Oz, where each character had a 'twin' in another reality. One world is the world of deception (and, basically, ruled by evil forces) and the other is a place of goodness, peace, and prosperity where Dorothy really wants to get back to.

Everything in your perspective naturally takes on two, seemingly opposing forces. We know these under different names such as male and female, order and chaos, good and evil, darkness and light, etc., but it's really the same two forces in different manifestations. Just as you have two eyes, legs, ears, brain hemispheres, etc., you have a 'twin' in some form in the other Earth. The connection between the two worlds is what we call the dream world, but is really so much more than that.

If Ordinary People Discovered That Earth Is Really a Self-Contained, Binary System
with Two worlds...

They would realize earth really is the center of the universe 
And 'Authorities' Would Lose Control over the population Entirely.

The Universe Exists As One and Two Dimensions,
Interpreted By Your Mind As Three and Four

The Dimensions of Reality

0 Dimension: "God"
Information Beyond Awareness And Perspective

1st Dimension: Awareness
Primary Interaction (Chaos)
Information-in-motion (Spatial Info)
The Void, Squared.

2nd Dimension: Perspective
Primary Relationship ​(Order)
Information-at-rest (Systemic Info)
Collapses The noise of the First dimension So It Can Be Interpreted as Reality

3rd Dimension: Spatial Information ("Space")
Puts Static Information in Motion So It Can Be Perceived (Perspective, Squared)

4th Dimension: Systemic Information ("Time")
Relates Spatial Information Together
Collapses The noise of the Third Dimension So That It Can Be Interpreted as Time-Space

When you relate with space you get the sense of time, which collapses the chaos of spatial information. When you interact with time you get the sense of space, which expands the order of systemic information. Both combine to form your perspective.

This is not just how we perceive reality but how life comes into being organically. More than just dimensions of reality, they are dimensions of perspective that we progress through in order to discover who and what we really are. It is the same process of everything from DNA replication to weather to electricity production to credit and interest cycles to software development. Everything in your perspective follows the same process.

This process has been personified in nearly every major story of creation 
from christianity to buddhism to taoism and more

All information in existence is either spatial (1st and 3rd dimensions) or systemic (2nd and 4th dimensions). This is the primary relationship of Chaos and Order in the universe.

You cannot perceive of information directly, but interpret the relationships between the two different types of information as they interact.

How you interpret this 1 and 2-dimensional reality is entirely up to you. Changing the way you interpret the first two dimensions allows you to change how it manifests in three and four-dimensions. Your greatest power is your ability to change your reality in this way.

However, you will interpret your 'future' in a way that takes the least number of interactions from your 'present'. This also means that your reality does not waste any energy. The entire 'universe' is folded into your current perspective.

Physical reality doesn't need to be 3 or 4-dimensional. That would be a tremendous waste of energy. There's no need for the next room to exist, for example, when it can be folded into your immediate environment. Information is 1 and 2-dimensional until we interact with and relate to it, whereby we interpret it as having 3 and 4-dimensional properties, even when it doesn't really.

Information moves in its most balanced dynamic flow process in the shape of a torus. Atoms, cells, seeds, flowers, trees, animals, humans, hurricanes, and much more take on this shape. This directs both spatial and systemic information flows.

You interpret the relationships of the flat systemic information of the 2nd dimension to be time that seems to change as you relate to it. Talking with an old friend for an hour might seem more like 20 minutes, for example. In a folding of time, whereas listening to someone repeat the same word again and again for an hour might unfold time in your perspective.

You also interpret the interactions of the flat spatial information of the 1st dimension to be space that seems to change as you interact with it. This is a far more convincing illusion than the logic of time produces, but the process is the same. When you move your hand to pick up a ball, for example, your sense of space will unfold to give you the sense of more space (three dimensions), whereas when you're just looking at it, space will fold again. 

All information is local to your perspective, forming a system of harmonic energy flows that continuously seek to balance with each other.

The world that you think you've been living in the whole time is an illusion. Once people discover everything in the universe is local they will begin to discover that they can interpret reality as they please and 'the powers that be' are no longer necessary. Upholding the concept of Earth being a ball in three dimensions is of the utmost importance to those in power..

The 'truths' that we've discovered as a civilization, such as the laws of thermodynamics, only work well within the illusion of three and four dimensions. When we think we've discovered a new 'law' about how the universe works, what we've really figured out is a bit more about how perspective itself works. Where else is an instrument or observation other than in your own perspective?

In 3-dimensional reality mathematical constants Are Chaotic, irrational numbers

in 2-dimensional reality they are Logical, whole numbers.

You have been conditioned to be a passive observer of reality rather than the author of your perceptions. You have been misled as to the nature of what the Earth really is to prevent you from discovering that the source of everything you see, perceive, and experience is your own perspective. Your reality is you.

Every level of society takes part in this deception, because the deception is what upholds the authority of those in power over society. You are taught that your value as a human being comes from your ability to submit to the illusion. But when you realize that you have been in control of your own reality the whole time, the masters of the deception lose their value and the entire house of cards falls begins to fall apart.

Just as phrenology (measuring skulls to determine mental and other characteristics) was taken seriously in the West for nearly 200 years as a science, even after applying the scientific method to it, evidence for just about any hypothesis can be manufactured and made so complicated that very few are able to uncover the deception. The lack of evidence for phrenology only became a problem when it was associated with Nazism after World War II. It's safe to assume that other sciences didn't meet the same fate and are still unleashing their ignorance (or deception) upon us today.

What better way to exert control over a population than to create an authority that people accept without question? The ability of the sciences to dictate how entire populations think about the world around them is the ultimate power. If any objection or issue is raised, even more science can be thrown at it or the matter can be called 'settled' in the most unscientific of ways.

The best way to hide something is not to name it or define it in the first place. So what is the word for when you can calculate the motions of planets perfectly, again and again, for planets that exist only in the medium you're calculating from? What do you call the false-truth you get when Newton's Third Law can be proven correct a countless number of times over hundreds of years because the objects and observers are reading from the same playbook as the formula itself?

Your entire reality is a local phenomenon. And you have been deceiving yourself the whole time.

Reality Is Not What You're Perceiving...

But How You're Perceiving

We can only perceive (and know) things in relation to other things, not directly. Thus, when we think we are perceiving something we are not actually perceiving it but interpreting the method of how we perceive.

Let's see how this works with living things in the process of DNA replication.

The Dimensions of Reality & DNA Replication

0 Dimension: "God"

Information Beyond Awareness And Perspective

1st Dimension: Awareness
Chromatid Pairs Now Visible

Primary Interaction (Chaos)
Information-in-motion (Spatial Info)

2nd Dimension: Perspective
Chromatin All Line Up In Pairs with Male and Female Chromosomes (Systemic and Spatial)

Primary Relationship (Order)
Information-at-rest (Systemic Info)
Collapses The noise of the First dimension So It Can Be Interpreted as Information

3rd Dimension: Spatial Information ("Space")
Chromatin Separate, Making their way to opposite poles

Puts Static Information in Motion So It Can Be Perceived (Perspective, Squared)

4th Dimension: Systemic Information ("Time")
Two Distinct cells now formed

Relates Spatial Information Together
Collapses The noise of the Third Dimension So That It Can Be Interpreted as information

After this, the process repeats again in the next stage. The structure of DNA also follows the same torus-shaped information energy flows. as well as water molecules, proteins, and human cells.

As the cycles combine with each other and complexity arises, the process becomes more difficult to see.

[Note: There are many interesting correlations with this process in ancient stories, beliefs, and legends, such as the myth of the turtle's back among the Iroquois in North America, or in Christianity with the Tree of Life (possibly the DNA spiral side view and top) and Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil (Order and Chaos), or the bodhi tree in Buddhism.]

Again, when you perceive of anything you are not perceiving it directly. (That would be impossible, as you cannot perceive of anything beyond your own perception.) Instead, you are experiencing how you perceive.

Q Metaphysics is the process by which we formulate reality in perspective.

The Time Has Come.

Earth Is A Self-Contained Super-Organism Undergoing The Final Stage
Of the Biological Process of cell division. It is also a binary system.

There is another world on the other side of this one. This combined 'Uni-Earth', along with their respective atmospheres, forms the entire cosmological system. [Learn how the double torus field works; Part 1Part 2Part 3]

Sound vibrates gasses, forming plasma inside the Earth’s exosphere to produce weak to strong ‘sonoluminescence’.

These plasmas include the Moon, stars, nebulae, planets, lightning, our Sun, solar wind, auroras, and more. Different frequencies cause varying degrees of crystallization. The Moon, for example, is a more crystallized plasma than the Sun. These plasmas are all folded into your perspective and much smaller and closer than you think they are.

There are only two particles, one for each of the first two dimensions. The first dimension (awareness) produces photons while the second dimension (perspective) produces axons. The axon (or 'axis particle') contracts and expands the photon, producing different manifestations of the photon, such as electrons, protons, and other particles.

We sense reality in the first and second dimension but will interpret it depending on how we are interacting or relating to that which is being perceived. As we dream, for example, we relate less to our Earth physicality less and interact more with it, allowing us to sense the Uni-Earth and the 1st and 2nd dimension of reality. Or, we can use electron microscopes to collapse the wave of an atom, seeing a 'top down' view of it (known as the atomic model).

Note that when you're looking at a top-down view of DNA or an atom, multiple layers are represented. This will depend on the how much 'space' the wave aspect extends. With Earth, there are two layers.

The axon (sometimes mistakenly referred to as the force of gravity) acts as the axis for our perspective. It gives us a sense of up/down, left/right and allows us to orient our one and two-dimensional interpretations into a relatable three and four-dimensional experience. The same axons that orient you to physical perspective on Earth via electromagnetic energy flows also orient your perspective in the dream world.

By understanding more about the world around us and how reality came to be, we hope to understand more of who and what we really are.

"As Above, So Below"

The Real Story of Humanity

Hidden Right Before Your Eyes

The story of your enslavement, and how you are already free

You might have seen this famous painting from the Sistine Chapel, The Creation of Adam, many times but never realized that 'Adam' is making a secret hand gesture called the triad's claw. The gesture represents '666' and an inverted ideology that evolved over thousand of years since Neanderthals migrated from the other Earth to live among us today.

The upper and lower Earths are connected by the four dimensions of reality, often referred to as the "four pillars" that hold up the Earth in the Bible and other ancient texts, such as the pillars of Shu in Ancient Egypt. The four dimensions are also represented by the four rivers of the Garden of Eden (which has both an upper garden and a lower garden in the original Hebrew, with two rivers connecting each of the two gardens).

The two Earths are also physically connected by various passageways, nearly all of which are at the 'edge' of Earth (Antarctica). This crossing has appeared in ancient mythologies such as the river Styx in Greek mythology or, in Ancient Egyptian mythology, as the crossing into the underworld via the Nile river that separated Upper and Lower Egypt.

Many thousands of years ago, a species of humans from one Earth to the other, in Antarctica.

Approximately 50,000 years ago the Antarctic climate was growing increasingly cold, forcing many Antarcticans to find new lands over a period of thousands of years.

The Antarctic humans (known to us as Neanderthals today) had a different social and intellectual capacity than the homosapiens that were already there. Having to fight for their survival in the cold Antarctic climate for many thousands of years, this also led to them being more cunning, aggressive, and sexually promiscuous. Because of their aggressive behaviour and incompatibility with homosapiens, they developed strong, in-group preferences and avoided areas where they could be found, usually finding homosapiens in much larger numbers.

Though there were not very many Antarcticans that survived the long winter, some worked their way (deceptively) into homosapien tribes in order to survive.

Due to their intellect and aggressive characteristics, they were able to build civilizations across the world, on nearly every continent. Though some civilizations were more advanced than others, each retained aspects of and knowledge from their Antarcticland roots.

One distinguishing feature of Antarcticans is their Rh-negative blood. Pregnant mothers with Antarctic ancestry who are Rh factor negative will treat an Rh-positive baby as an infection, developing antibodies to protect itself from the fetus and destroy the fetus’ blood. This stems from tens of thousands of years of genetic conditioning, having to compete with homosapiens for resources. The consequence of this conditioning is that Antarcticans are biologically predisposed to thinking of homosapiens as an 'enemy' that must be extinguished, just as the bodies of Rh-negative pregnant mothers are with their Rh-positive fetuses.

Although there is much confusion today between 'Jesus' and 'Christ', the message that Jesus communicated with those around him resonated with common people. These were his own innate understandings of what he learned, along with wisdom of his own. Roughly translated, concepts such as "Love thy neighbor as thyself," and "Ye are Gods" are meant to simplify the greater, metaphysical reality and make it accessible to the average person. In this way, he sought to enable understanding within his entire perspective, not just limited domains within it.

"Love thy neighbor as thyself" is a very accessible way to say that there is no difference between you and the people around you, because you are the same. And imagine if "Ye are Gods" was said to one person. (Thereby, "You are God.")

The "Son of God" is a personification of the Earth being at the center of reality, and thus you being at the center of your perspective. This has already been scientifically proven in rigorous experiments that confirmed that Earth is the center of the universe's mass. We further submit that the center of the universe's mass is the 'observer'.

The "Son of Man" is also a personification, of deception and Chaos. Once a person learns that they are at the center of their own perspective they can no longer be enslaved. It is imperative that 'authorities' keep people from discovering these fundamental aspects of their reality, in order to maintain control. It is not that the Earth being flat is such a big deal, by itself. The realizations that logically follow that is what 'they' don't want you to achieve.

Between the two Earths (metaphysically) is a shared dreamworld that drives us, inspires us, and helps us know that there is something greater than our everyday lives.

'Christ' is not a specific person but an awareness that you are that which you perceive that anyone can achieve; a spirit, if you will. The 'Sun of God' represents the realization that you are at the center of the universe, and God is within you (because you are God). The 'return' of Christ is the return of this awareness.

If we realize that the most powerful (and long-surviving) words and symbols in the world are allegories and representations of a greater reality that extend beyond the world, then a whole new understanding can open up right before our eyes.

An entire narrative was set into motion, perfected over hundreds of years, to remove you from the center of your perspective. This is your own deception, of course, because those forces doing this are also within your perspective. Though you have been manufacturing this Chaos yourself in order to exist, the time has come to consider less destructive ways of hiding who and what you are from yourself.

For a more colorful look at the deception in the modern era, see this video. (Note that you will not be able to find it by searching for its title. It is hidden, and likes-to-dislikes artificially skewed, as are most such videos. Also, the same top ten results appear whenever you search for anything related to 'flat earth'. That should tell you volumes about how important the deception is, and how deep it goes.)

We are witnessing the rebirth of a greater humanity. When you realize that you are what you perceive, then you can learn to not only see yourself in the things you love, but also the things you don't. And when there are no longer any forces working against you? You can become who and what you truly are; a greater part of yourself.

This is not something that you need to realize today, or even tomorrow. The choice is always yours to make. Time and space are as you interpret them, and your awareness of a greater perspective is all ways beyond either.

You Are That Which You Can Conceive.

...And More.

A Message For Humanity
from the preface of The 21 Laws of Existence

History would have us believe that humans have a love for fighting and conquest, and our days have been filled with savage and predatory behavior, with brief periods of kindness and compassion towards others.

The reality is that we are tired of fighting. We are tired of wars. We are tired of countless enemies. We can do without violence and hunger. Our enemies are tired, too. We say ‘peace’, but we have no peace. We seek peace for our own kind, but not for those we fight.

Our strength as a species is not in the pursuit of a bigger, better, and faster human being. That can only apply to the things we make with our hands, not the foundations we build with our hearts. Our strength has always been love for others, family, and community. It is the mother of peace and prosperity. It kept us sheltered from the great beasts that roamed the earth, kept us safe in times of war and disease, and filled our spirits with reasons to carry on.

This peace begins inside each one of us, in the way we see ourselves.

The tragedy of humanity is a tragedy of the mind. It is a tragedy of the masses. And most of all, it is a tragedy of our unwillingness to see ourselves in others.

Peace begins in the mind of the person reading these words. It is only then can we see with our own eyes something we have never seen before: that each person you see is an intimate part of who and what you are. Your neighbor is as close to you as your own perspective. Your environment is a continuous unfolding of your self. Your enemy begins where you begin.

We decline to accept the end of our own humanity, even as human beings continue to survive. We envision a world of our own choosing. The long search for truth and understanding has brought us back to re-discover ourselves.

Take away our love of chaos, and remove us from the chains of self-destruction.