• A Theory of (Truly) Everything

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  • What is Quantum Metaphysics?

    Quantum Metaphysics (QuMe) is a fundamental understanding of everyday life, reality, and the secrets of the universe. Because it is how perspective itself works, it can be applied to anything that you can possibly imagine. Here's a sample of what QuMe tells us:

    A Theory of (Truly) Everything Is Possible

    A single rule that defines how everything in the universe works – from photons to society to sandwiches to planets and beyond – can be found using the only common denominator between all things that we know to exist: perspective. As we cannot know of anything outside of our perspective, a real 'Theory of Everything' would be the simplicity of how perspective itself works on the quantum level.

    We Perceive Relationships, Not Things

    When we perceive reality what we are actually sensing are the relationships and interactions between the things that we think we are perceiving, not the things themselves. This "empty space" between things enables us to perceive all reality, including what we think we're sensing directly.

    Changing Your Reality Is Easy

    Changing your life and your experience is as easy as re-interpreting the relationships that are already there and seeing them in new ways. QuMe shows you how.

    Light Is Not What We Think It Is

    Light is information about reality that can contract and expand. When it is contracting it is called mass (and time). When it is expanding it is called velocity (and space). This is the true dual nature of light. The resistance between these two forces is energy. E=MC2 is only a small part of the picture.

    Space and Time Are In Your Perspective

    The sun, planets, and other stars are only as far away as your own perspective. When perspective expands we call it space (and velocity). When it contracts we call it time (and mass). Space is your perspective in motion, whereas time is your perspective at rest.

    There is a Formula for Happiness

    The same formula that is used to create matter can be used to bring about happiness and balance in one's life. Right now, you're formulating your memories, emotions, and experiences just as you formulate matter in your perspective. Why not be more aware of what you're doing, and how, so that you can do it consciously?

    ...and Much More

    The only limit to what QuMe can be applied to is your imagination, as everything that can be imagined is in your perspective. This is the simple beauty that makes QuMe a Theory of (Truly) Everything.

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    Quantum Metaphysics

    An Introduction to Quantum Metaphysics

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    This is the core QuMe material, organized into three parts:

    1. The Way to Understand Everything

    2. Being Human

    3. Exploring the Universe with Quantum Metaphysics

    The 8 Keys of Logia: How to Regain Control of Your Reality in a Time of Chaos and Insanity

    Practical Quantum Metaphysics

    Available Now as a free PDF. Please rate it on Amazon

    when you've read it.

    The practical application of QuMe in everyday life in eight steps, helping to create a more balanced and harmonious reality in the years to come.

  • Download QuMe Fiction

    Quantum Metaphysical thinking in a more narrative format.

    The Great Circle

    [Available June 2017]

    In the style of the Tao Te Ching, a finger points the way to the edge of the universe and back again.